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'DeerFields Town Square' assigns consortium of consultants for its project

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(Front line: Mohammad Al Haj, CEO of MBI and Rushdi Al-Bustani, CEO of MR group, Back line: Banu Tas, General Manager of 'Deerfields Town Square'; Richard Talbot, CEO Talbot Consultants International Inc.; Saeed Al Fahim, Chairman of MBI, Michaela Wainer of Petroff Partnership Architects; and Rafiq Bedewyi, Chief Interior Designer of MR Group.)

'Deerfields Town Square', the Dhs1bin mixed-use project developed by MBI, a major investment company with key stakes in real estate and construction, infrastructure, and industrial ventures, announced it has assigned a consortium of consultants for its project in Abu Dhabi.

As the lead consultant, MR Group will oversee the conceptual design, coordination and supervision of the contractors.

MR Group is globally renowned for its top level talent in architectural design and origination, graphic design, and the implementation and management of these functions, providing a level of service generally associated with industry leaders in each category.

The consortium also includes Petroff Partnership Architects, an international full-service architectural firm currently ranked sixth worldwide and number one in Canada, specializing in commercial, retail and mixed use development.

Talbot Consultants International Inc., an international market research, analysis and strategy development firm is among the key members of the consortium.

Banu Tas, General Manager of Deerfields said: 'The high quality of services and international standards as well as the on-time delivery of projects, not to forget the amazing client portfolio, were the main reasons behind assigning the consortium.

'Reflecting 'Classical Victorian' architecture, Deerfields Town Square will cater to the multi-dimensional requirements of visitors and residents, offering a perfect blend of shopping, entertainment, dining, recreation and hospitality, all under one roof. The collective expertise of the consortium will help us realize and establish a unique and distinctive destination that will merge the alluring charm of the emirate's glorious past and the glamour of new age living.'

Nestled in Al Bahia area amidst new developments in Abu Dhabi such as Al Raha Beach, Yas Island, and Khalifa A and B Cities, Deerfields Town Square will offer unique accessibility with its location of seven minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport, five minutes from Abu Dhabi's largest entertainment park - Warner Brothers, and Formula 1 Race Track, and three minutes from the main Abu Dhabi - Dubai highway.

Scheduled for completion in 2010, Deerfields Town Square is set to offer tenants, residents and shoppers a holistic experience in entertainment, living, working, and shopping - all out of a single community district.

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