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Infiniti Canada Inc., Canadian Infiniti Dealer Macro & Micro Analyses

Infiniti Canada Inc

Phase 1 of this project was to provide, at a "macro" level, a Canada wide strategy that will permit the development of an optimal Infiniti dealer network across Canada in the short, medium and long terms. The Phase 1 objective to utilise “leading-edge” retail analytical techniques to determine, from a retail point-of-view, the prime demographic characteristics of a Canadian Infiniti buyer and then to utilise that data to determine the current and future underserved Infiniti markets across Canada. The project involved conducting a detailed current market analysis of all Canadian Infiniti dealers, linking three years of their sales data to our Talbot Neighbourhood Life Cycle™ demographic clustering system, projecting future population growth, obtaining the locational and sales data of all competitive car dealers across Canada and then analysing and mapping the results utilising our internal Geographic Information System (GIS). We then incorporated our primary research into the “best practices” of other car manufacturers world-wide including, in particular, Infiniti USA. Finally we developed an intuitive GIS based dealer network optimisation model, determined the optimal Canada-wide Infiniti dealer network configuration by dealer category and recommended an Infiniti national dealer network optimisation solution. The final deliverable was a ranking of all markets across Canada highlighting those markets where the major opportunity for increasing Infiniti sales occurred and recommending a very specific, market by market, action plan. The Phase 1 project was successfully completed in 2003 and approval was granted to immediately conduct "micro" level analyses of the key potential markets across Canada. Phase 2 was completed in 2004.

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