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Toyota Auto Salon AMLUX, Tokyo & Osaka, Japan.

Toyota Auto Salon AMLUX
The Toronto office of Talbot Consultants International Inc. was retained by Kaplan.McLaughlin.Diaz of San Francisco and Takenaka Corporation of Japan to provide a revitalisation concept for the Toyota Auto Salon AMLUX developments in Tokyo and Osaka. As described in Toyota's Information brochure the concept of a Toyota Auto Salon AMLUX is "floors full of dreams of people and cars, information and amusement". Unfortunately the original concept had become "stale" and annual attendance had dwindled from 5 million visitors per year to less than 1 million in 1996. Our task was to come up with some "leading edge" and "out of the box" solutions that would totally revitalise the concept. It was our belief that visitors entering automobile showrooms were attracted by a retailing environment which conveys what they are individually seeking for their particular lifestyle and their position in their lifecycle. Thus we recommended that Toyota's automobile models be clustered by "lifestyle" rather than by price point. In addition, to reinforce the lifestyle clustering concept, we recommended that the vehicle clustering be complemented by synergistic "lifestyle" design, sound, smell, food & beverage, entertainment and retail. Once our concept was accepted we were retained to contact, and obtain expressions of interest from, proven international suppliers and operators of such concepts.

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