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City of Toronto, The South Etobicoke Regeneration Project (SERP), Toronto, Ontario.

South Etobicoke Regeneration Project
The South Etobicoke Regeneration Project is a cooperative venture involving five BIAs, The Small Business and Local Partnerships Office of the City of Toronto's Economic, Development, Tourism and Cultural Division and the South Etobicoke Regeneration Project (SERP). The South Etobicoke Regeneration Project study area is located in the south-east quadrant of The City of Toronto in an area south of the QEW to Lake Ontario, west of the Humber River and east of the Etobicoke Creek. It includes The Mimico by the Lake, Long Branch, Mimico Village and Lakeshore Village BIAs and the Alderwood pending BIA. Talbot Consultants International Inc. was retained to analyse this area (which is typically perceived by investors and businesses as a declining market populated by aging blue collar workers and retirees) and then develop an "Action Plan" to revitalise the South Etobicoke business environment by increasing investment and general economic activity in the area and thus create employment opportunities. Our study showed that this area was in fact currently evolving as a high growth area in transition from “empty-nesters” to “young families”. As a result the majority of the existing retailers and food & beverage outlets were no longer positioned or merchandised correctly and most new format retailers had failed to recognise the rapidly growing market potential. The project has recently been completed with a specific “Action Plan” generated for each of the five BIAs plus an overall “rifle” marketing strategy for the entire Study Area that can now be implemented by The South Etobicoke Regeneration Project team and The City of Toronto’s Economic Development Department. The presentations of the plans to each of the communities and the overall strategy to the City have been received with wide acclaim.

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