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Toronto Waterfront Revitalization

Toronto Waterfront Revitalization

Talbot Consultants International Inc. has been retained as retail planning consultants by The Toronto Waterfront Revitalisation Corporation (TWRC), which is a consortium of The Government of Canada, The Government of Ontario and The City of Toronto. The East Bayfront precinct is the most central waterfront revitalization area to the downtown core. The objective is for East Bayfront to be a new community, attractive to many different types of households from a wide range of incomes. In addition to a new school and community services, a mix of affordable and market housing will be provided. It is also assumed that a viable and sustainable urban district is not simply a residential quarter of the city but must be a full time mixed use place of living, employment, recreation, entertainment and public/cultural activities. The vision for East Bayfront precinct is for a new urban waterfront community, a place of design excellence, high levels of sustainability and strong relationships to the water’s edge.

The project comprises 1.5 km of prime waterfront redevelopment lands in the East Bayfront Precinct in the heart of The City of Toronto. Our initial tasking was to work with Lord Cultural Resources Planning & Management Inc. to develop a joint commercial and cultural plan to “anchor” and “animate” the street frontages of the entire project. In particular our Phase I tasking was to:

 • Assess the optimum ground floor yields in the East Bayfront Precinct and amount of yield to be dedicated to non-residential uses.

• Analyse the absorption rates for potential commercial uses and develop a phasing (roll-out plan).

• Develop a break-down of non-residential yields into various functional components both interim and long-term.

• Recommend the geographic distribution of the non-residential components including phasing and identification of priority sites and opportunities.

• Develop a strategy for attracting the non-residential users.

• Provide input into the design requirements for the non-residential components (i.e. floor heights, mezzanine etc.).

Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Toronto Waterfront Revitalization

Phase I has been completed with the joint recommendation that there be +/- 100,000 sq. ft. of Cultural anchors, +/- 100,000 sq. ft. of Retail and +/- 100,000 sq. ft of Food & Beverage uses. We are now proceeding with Phase II and providing on-going retail planning advice to the TWRC team as the final development plans are being finalized. For further information please visit www.wowaterfront.ca

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