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Promised Land Corp., Ltd., The Promised Land Resort, Hualien, Taiwan.

The Promised Land Resort

Talbot Consultants International Inc. is currently retained as the retail development planning consultants for this major mixed-use development project in eastern Taiwan. Phase I of the project is to be developed on an 155 hectare site and will consist of a 1,000 room resort hotel, 250 guest cottages, 1,000 golf course townhouses, a large theme park and a major water park. These key components are then to be linked by a "leading-edge" entertainment focused "street" (similar to Universal City Walk). As the retail consultants, our tasking is to advise the developers on the appropriate theming, sizing and merchandising for the retail components in both of the parks and along the "street". We will then be required to assist the developers in leasing the project by "facilitating" introductions to the international retailers recommended by us.

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