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Government of Nova Scotia, Liquor Control Commission, Halifax, N.S.

Government of Nova Scotia
Talbot Consultants International Inc. was retained to assist the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission in re-developing it's store network planning for the Halifax/Dartmouth area. Phase I of the project involved consumer surveys at 28 stores, the generation of distance decay charts and primary and secondary trade area mapping for each store utilising our "leading-edge" Geographic Information System (GIS). The trade areas were then overlaid on the thematic GIS mapping of Halifax/Dartmouth's alcoholic, beverage, beer, cider and wine consumer expenditure potential to determine store cannibalisation. Phase II of the project involved utilising the GIS to match the consumer research with the geographic distribution of the key lifestyle patterns on a neighbourhood by neighbourhood basis. The project concluded with a recommended store network and store by store merchandising mix that matched the identified wants and needs of each individual neighbourhood's trade area.



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