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Abu Dhabi Mall A New Shopping District Landmark

Construction of the first Phase of the Abu Dhabi Mall in the United Arab Emirates valued at approximately US $140 million is continuing on schedule. The owner of this new development, H.E. Sheikh Suroor Ben Moh'd Al Nabyan, has targeted an opening for the Shopping Mall component of the project, which is currently one of the largest construction projects in the Gulf Region, for around December, 2000 or January, 2001.

The Abu Dhabi Mall -2000
The Abu Dhabi Mall

The Abu Dhabi Mall signifies a commitment to the development of the Abu Dhabi downtown area, in particular, a focus on the provision of quality mixed-use commercial facilities catering to a broad range of users, and targeted at providing quality amenities for both national and international tenants, customers and visitors.

The Shopping Mall component, Phase I of the Project, will constitute a built area of over 200,000 sq. m. providing over 300 retail units, restaurants, Cineplex, and dedicated family entertainment facilities. This will be supported by covered car parking for 2,500 vehicles. The contractor for Phase I of the project is a joint venture between France's Campenon Bernard SGE and Belgium's Six Construct Co. Ltd

Work on Phase II of the project, valued at approximately US $95 million, is under mobilization, and a contract for this phase of the works has been recently awarded to the local firm of Arabian Construction Co. Ltd. As with Phase I of the project, Phase II will be constructed on a design and build basis and will consist of the construction of two (2) fourteen storey office towers. A thirteen storey serviced apartment tower and a thirteen storey hotel tower extension to the neighbouring Beach Hotel. All towers will be constructed above the Shopping Mall Podium and a new grand Lobby will be constructed to link the new Phase II hotel tower with the existing Beach Hotel.

The project started with Phase I in April, 1998 and the Phase II contract is due to be completed by March 1, 2002.

  (The Abu Dhabi Mall has been one of the projects where TALBOT CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL INC. has provided consulting services for the retail operations.
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