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Place D'Orleans, Ottawa, Ontario

The ManuLife Centre
In 1997 Talbot Consultants International Inc. was retained by the Oxford Property Group to conduct a market analyses of the 730,000 sq. ft. Place D'Orleans shopping centre since the project was under performing when compared to shopping centres of comparable size. A detailed in-mall exit survey was conducted and based on the analysis accurate primary and secondary trade areas were delineated and our GIS was utilised to determine the demographic make-up of the trade areas and in particular to identify Place D'Orleans' "best" and "worst" customers. We then compared the market capacity of the Place D'Orleans trade area with the trade areas of similar sized shopping centres across Canada. This comparison showed that the shopping centre had been over built for the market and that a portion of the CRU should be de-malled. An analyses was then conducted on the existing tenants to determine which retailers should be downsized and which could be increased. A tenant by tenant "action plan" was provided as part of this analyses. Our next task was to determine what the under supplied opportunities might be in the Place D'Orleans trade area and from this a "hit list" of target prospects was generated. Our recommendations are currently in the implementation stage. The de-malling has been successfully carried out and the property has now returned to profitability.

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