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Garden City Shopping Centre, Winnipeg.

Talbot Consultants International Inc. was retained to prepare a re-positioning and re-merchandising study for Garden City Shopping Centre immediately after the Eaton's department store anchor announced it was closing in 1997. A detailed survey of Winnipeg customer shopping patterns was conducted and research was carried out into the existing and evolving retail market of northern Winnipeg. In particular a thorough "gap analysis" was conducted for both existing and potential retailers. Our eventual recommendation was that the Eaton's store should be re-merchandised into one or more mid-box power retailers not currently present in this trade area. Fortunately, since Canadian Tire was already a client of ours, we were able to persuade them to utilise half of the Eaton's store for a new format Canadian Tire store. We were particularly pleased when our key recommendation that they be directly linked to the mall was agreed to. Within six months of the new Canadian Tire store opening in 50% of the vacant Eaton's space the mall retailers were reporting an approximately 10% increase in sales over those they achieved when Eaton's was operating in 100% of the space. Most of the remaining Eaton's space has now been leased to Winners and, again, our recommendation that they have a direct mall entrance was agreed to. The Winners store recently opened and we anticipate that the mall's CRU sales will shortly show a total increase of +/-15% above those achieved when Eaton's was the "anchor".

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