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Huaqiang Plaza, Shenzhen, China

 Huaqiang Plaza Huaqiang Plaza

The proposed Huaqiang Plaza consists of three major residential towers and one major office tower linked together by a major shopping centre. This project was conceptualised as follows:-

The Plaza
This grand arrival point is visualized as a pedestrianised street with cafes and brasseries on a human scale in conjunction with a sense of discovery. As visitors move throughout the space, areas of relaxation are provided.

The Piazza
The “Piazza” is at the gateway of the development. It is visualized as a great urban public space. As the centre piece of Huaqiang, it will be animated by the garden and water features. It will be surrounded by terracing restaurants and bars, stage entertainment and a public interaction and exhibition space. The large feature atrium will maintain natural light and a thermally controlled environment.

Conventional Retail
Positioned close to the main residential component, the convenience retail district will provide a genuine and animated street presence. Bakeries, delicatessens, flower stalls, a fresh food market, a supermarket and cafes will offer fresh produce and a street life. Adjacent to this, convenience will be provided by chemists and newsagents. This will meet the needs of the locals and residents.

Experience Retail
Exciting variety of entertainment brands and leisure shopping. An attraction for locals and visitors. Bars, nightclubs, themed restaurants, cinema, fast foods generates a dynamic district.

Lifestyle District
With retail on the main street, Huaqaing Plaza can exploit important commercial frontages incorporating inspirational and aspirational shops. Concept stores, department stores, contemporary showrooms, cafes, fashion district, cosmetic shops. This will form the base for which all other retail districts can connect to and act as key magnets focal points throughout the shopping district.

The task of Talbot Consultants International Inc. was to critique the initial design and to provide recommendations to ensure that the different components “flowed” as seamlessly as possible this maximising retail exposure, foot-fall and expenditures. The project is on-going.

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