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Picity Yangjae, Seoul, South Korea

Picity Yangjae

In 2006 Talbot Consultants International was retained by Kyongbu Integrated Distribution Co., Ltd. to provide a full range of retail consultancy services for the development of the largest home and housing material themed shopping centre in South Korea. The project is broken down into two phases

 Phase I Preliminary Planning & Feasibility

1) Assessment of proposed design.

2) Preliminary recommendations for changes to the proposed site plan and building re-design.

3) Trade area consumer research.

4) Competitive retail inventory and analysis.

5) Recommended retail configuration, positioning & merchandising.

6) Economic feasibility & recommended business plan.

Phase II Design Input and

1) Provide design input for the common areas and store design criteria.

2) Access & Parking input.

3) Identification of the optimum anchor tenants, introductions & overall marketing input.

4) Provide assistance into mall operation and needed services

Picity Yangjae  Picity Yangjae

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