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title about us Automotive - Nissan Canada Inc.

Nissan Canada Inc., Phase 2: Canadian Nissan Dealer Micro Analysis.

Phase 2 of this project was to focus on the priority Canadian markets identified in Phase 1. For each prioritised market we analysed, on a dealer by dealer basis, each Nissan dealer’s sales records for a three year period and the comparable sales of each of their major competitors. Talbot Consultants International Inc. then delineated each dealer’s trade area and analysed their current & historic trade area sales and trade area inflow & outflow. We then determined the "best" and "worst" individual Nissan customer segments by Talbot Neighbourhood Life Cycle™ and mapped them. Similarly we analysed the "best" and "worst" competitive, locational (including traffic) & adjacency factors. Then, utilising the above, we grouped the Nissan dealers with similar characteristics into categories and recommended an optimal Nissan dealer network strategy for that specific market for the short, medium and long terms. Our recommendations are currently being implemented with significant success. As a result we have just been retained to conduct a similar national analysis for Infiniti Canada.

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