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title about us Transit Anchored Centres - Sheppard Subway Line, Toronto, Ontario.

Sheppard Subway Line, Toronto, Ontario.

Sheppard Subway Line

In 1990, the demand for the construction for a new subway line across the north of Toronto became so great that a consortium of private developers and the local government was formed in order to expedite the planning process and provide the senior levels of government with some concrete proposals. Talbot Consultants International, under Richard Talbot, was retained as the consultants responsible for the planning of the revenue producing elements that would be contained within each subway station. Since the concept of a privatised subway line was unique, he recruited and chaired a "think tank" involving senior executive officers of major corporations that might be interested in revenue producing opportunities in subway stations. These corporations included McDonald's, Coca-Cola, United Cigar Stores and Famous Players Theatres. The final plan included revenue producing opportunities from advertising, sponsorship, retail, entertainment, food and beverage and community facilities. Once an acceptable business plan had been developed we were then responsible for selecting and engaging design consultants to produce conceptual drawings and then to finalise the costing and budget projections required by the consortium. The project is now under construction.

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